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The Cellar Gym Celebrates 20 Years!

By Jess Prewett | May 5, 2022

The Cellar Gym is celebrating our 20th anniversary! The Cellar opened its doors for training on May 4, 2002 and the rest is history! Over the past 20 years we’ve…

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Rest and Recovery

By Jess Prewett | May 1, 2022

Just like hard training sessions and a nutritious diet, adequate rest is an absolutely essential part of any regimen. Without rest, your body will not be able to repair the…

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Flexibility Training for Performance and Recovery

By Jess Prewett | April 27, 2022

For most of us, the primary focus in our training routines is on progressing toward the big goal itself: Running faster, lifting more weight, getting in top shape for competition,…

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Cellar Muay Thai Fighters Compete at Mecca XVIII

By Jess Prewett | April 26, 2022

The Cellar Gym’s Muay Thai team had a great showing at Ignite Fights’ Mecca XVIII Muay Thai event on Saturday, April 23! We had five fighters compete and we went…

Hydration for Performance and Recovery

By Jess Prewett | April 20, 2022

Water is the essence of all life. We all need water to be alive and healthy – water is required in literally every cellular function in our bodies, and it…

Eating to Fuel Your Training and Improve Recovery

By Jess Prewett | April 13, 2022

Training hard is extremely important, but it’s just one component of an athlete’s regimen. The latest, greatest, most carefully structured training routine still won’t deliver those results you’re chasing without…

Supporting Kids’ Development in the Face of Challenges

By Jess Prewett | April 11, 2022

Have you ever had a teacher, coach or mentor that inspired you to the very core? One that cheered you on to achieving your big dreams and goals with the…

Cellar BJJ Competitors Medal at IBJJF Pans

By Jess Prewett | April 11, 2022

Last weekend, The Cellar Gym had a number of our BJJ competitors head to the Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship tournament April 6-10 in Kissimee, FL! Michael Barreto battled his way…

Recovery Tips to Maximize Your Training

By Jess Prewett | April 4, 2022

There’s no better feeling than getting into that good training groove and seeing your skills, speed, and strength improve each day. But training hard is only part of the process…

National Muay Thai Day: Nai Khanom Tom

By Jess Prewett | March 17, 2022

March 17th is celebrated as “Boxers Day” or National Muay Thai Day in Thailand. This is a day that Nak Muays honor the memory and achievements of Nai Khanom Tom,…