We are a little late in posting this, but we would like to formally congratulate Krista Olson for successful passing her instructor test on April 6th under Grandmaster Chai and the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. Krista is now certified under the Thai Boxing Association (TBA) as a beginning level instructor and earns the title of Kru (teacher).

Krista began training Muay Thai at The Cellar Gym in 2010 as a way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and learn about this ancient martial art. After some time she decided she wanted to push herself to the next level and begin training for competition. She started by doing a few smoker fights (exhibition matches) and then entered and won the 2012 Muay Thai Classic tournament in the 135lb novice division by winning 3 fights in one weekend! She continued to get more experience throughout the next year and in 2013 she won the women’s B Class 125lb division of the Muay Thai Classic while once again winning 3 fights in a single weekend. Today Krista has a record of 7-0 with 5 smoker/exhibition fights and she is looking towards her next competitive goal.

Kru Krista Olson has been a leader at The Cellar Gym for quite a while now, but we are very proud to see her formally recognized with this instructor certification. Congratulations Kru Krista!